Cliff Kibuuka (b.1980) is a Ugandan artist and has been painting since 2005. He has persistently continued to work with oil colours applied to canvas.

Over the years he has developed a distinctive style of painting using a palette knife. With this, he displays an array of sharp strokes, textures and vibrant colours that have come to define his art. His work carries a well balanced mix of myth and reality of everyday landscape and scenery. Looking at Cliff’s work challenges the viewer to start looking at their daily surroundings with an added degree of appreciation.

Cliff holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Fine art from Makerere university. (Kampala – Uganda)

In 2022 Cliff moved to Norway and has now established his new studio on the outskirts of Oslo.


Makerere university art gallery_Kampala (2005)
Ndere cultural center_Kampala (2005)
Umoja art gallery_Kampala (2014)
Afriart gallery_Kampala (2015)
Galerie Lumieres d’afrique _Brussels (2015)
The Talisman _Nairobi (2017)
Umoja art gallery _Kampala (2018)
Umoja art gallery _Kampala (2019)
Galleri D6 _ Norway/Ås (2019)
Umoja art gallery _Kampala (2020)
Galleri DU _Norway/Ås (2021)
S9 Galleri _Oslo (2022)
Galleri 1845 _ Norway/Fredrikstad (2022)



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